22 January 2007


having dreams means a number of things.

the good is to come or the worst is to come.

it helps prepare you physically and mentally. but most times it doesn't.

at times we brushed it aside saying, "oh, what a dream" or "gosh, i just had a bad dream."

ever had recurring ones? each time it happens, you always get to see a more clearer picture.

i have one too many to share. it really hurts that i do not one to have any more dreams.

i tried to face it but i guess i'll never get to face it.

i know you might say that it is just a dream. but mine is for sure to happen only without knowing how it is.

it hurts so much that you can't help having to tear every night. when you are alone, the mind pushes you to think of it though you try hard not to.

the mind is powerful. more powerful than you think.

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