26 January 2007

creative thinking workshop

venue : persatuan pandu puteri malaysia

date : 22-24 january 2007

i was chosen by the headquarters (from the 'bengkel jurulatih remaja') to attend this workshop and as i stepped my foot into the building, i saw familiar faces. the faces i last saw during the 'bengkel jurulatih remaja'.

things got better here. we got to know each other even more than the first time we met. we laughed almost every hour and every meal time. we were the loudest out of the 18 participants. yes, and the WE consists of 7 of us. though there should be more but they couldn't make it for the workshop.
for the first day which started in the evening, there is nothing planned for us so we were told to design our 90 years of guiding in malaysia logo. a group of 3 people should come out with one. and we as a group of 7 (after much negotiation) should come out with 2. but our laughter and time, got our brain juices running and we came out with 5!

here's our 5 creations. and yes, all are done by using colour pencils and magic pens. i suppose it will be much better once it is done nicely using a particular computer software.

the artists with their creations. i, of course helped in as well.

here's the 7 of us
bottom : me, maria (ngri sembilan), amalina (kelantan), yin hui (kedah)
center : kah ling (kedah), beatrice (ngri sembilan), gwen (kedah)
top : adilah (wilayah persekutuan)

on the last day with one of our facilitator, fizal (in light blue t-shirt) and dato' nik faizah (our 'pengurus kepanduan'). the missing person would be our 2nd facilitator, prem - a tall and dark guy.
it was a wonderful time spent. such a waste it was too short.

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