29 January 2007


to everyone who's reading this post, i'll be away for a few days.

ok, i know i don't update often but just in case you decided to drop by, here's at least an explanation.

i need to leave for my hometown in a while as the family just got the news that my maternal grandfather just passed away. he died of old age - he's to turn 94 this year.

he's the healthies old man i've ever known. no high blood pressure, no diabetes, there's nothing. not even rabun (i suddenly couldn't think of the word in english). his eye sight is even better than my mom's. no offence to mom but it is true!

oh well, will catch up when i return which i do not know when. i don't get to go to dataran merdeka after all.

1 comment:

«* M u N z i R *» said...

its ok melissa...
take ur time...

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