06 December 2006

dress code

here we go again. another debate on women's dressing. no offence but can't they for once shift their minds on something else more productive?

try improving the livign quality there for God's sake.

wait, maybe they do not have the money. so they need to forfeit these women so that they'll be able to get the money for the improvement. it's RM 500. that's a lot. who know's, maybe that's what they have in mind.

and STOP blaming it on the women for wanting rape and molest to happen on her just because she dresses the way she likes. ish, narrow minded men. if those preverted men are religious enough, they won't even look twice on a sexily dressed woman. but if he does look, he's the one who is to blame too for not being able to control himself.

so why the women again? you men! you are the horny ones. the women is the victim and you walked away with pride. cis! you men do something with yourself. i read that men has 9 akal 1 nafsu. so that 9 akal cannot even control 1 nafsu?

think again people. not all women are giving rape or molest invitation.


Poh Geok said...

yah...i agree with u!
men should think with their head, not their dick

litium said...

out in the wild, bad guys are everywhere. it's not the dress that invites rape and molest. it's just the world is getting complicated with complication.

irdzra said...

curse those ppl !!! curse them..
and owh mel..i think its the other way round for the akal/nafsu thing..

melissa said...

oh really?

so women are the one with 9 akal and 1 nafsu

whereas men are the one with 9 nafsu and 1 akal?

Irdzra said... am the one yg confuse.. ;p

betul la wat you said..hehe..

ZeMMs said...

To be honest with you I still don't quite understand about the 9vs1 akal/nafsu concept. I mean.. what are the other 8 'nafsu's that the girls have.. that men doesn't have?

Anyone care to tell me?

melissa said...

eh, i read it in some islam article/forum or something like that la. i have no idea where the balance goes neither.

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