07 November 2006

stay or leave

after much thinking, i'm starting to feel confused. i wonder if i should continue doing what i am doing right now or should i opt for something else.

if i stay with what i am doing, i'll be getting a foreign degree (university of south australia). ba in communication and media management.

if i want to do something else, it would be language (TESL). mom wanted me to do that. her suggestion which got me into thinking. from here, i'll want to get into a real campus university and i'm going to want to stay in the hostel.

i'm still thinking should i do something about it now so that i can start the new one in december or should i just wait for next december. (my current course is 1.5 years. i'll complete next year if everything goes well)

or should i just get a double degree? i have no idea.

i'm going to be completing my semester 1 after i hand in my final assignment this thursday which i haven't even started as i couldn't find materials on the internet.

i don't know. i don't even know what i want to be. i'm stuck. my future is .... NOT THERE.

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