17 November 2006

not virgin anymore

haha. caught you!

my face is no longer a virgin. it received its FIRST facial today. got it for free worth RM100 from clinique. good bargain right? all thanks to zai for calling me along. thanks zai!

the lady said i have good skin for a person who has not done ANY facial. hehe.. kembang!

the facial was darn syiok. words cannot describe it.


ZeMMs said...

Fyeuh... you got me there.. haha.
I'm kind of phobic when it comes to virginity issues.. coz my relationship with my last girlfriend was totally f*cked up when I found out 6 months later that she was already not a virgin before she even met me. darn.. :P

melissa said...

zemms, sometimes it is not for us to judge people. bad things do happen to someone and god wants us know them so that we can help them stand on their two feet again and teach them to put their past behind.

ZeMMs said...

that's true melissa. but the fact that it was not that something bad happened to her. It was totally her willingness with her ex-bf, totally avoidable, but it happened, lots of times actually, which is beyond my acceptance. I know its an ego thing because I cant live with the fact that it's not me who 'rasmikan' her first and that someone else had already *tasted* her before me.. yes.. ego.. and I admit that is my weakness.. which was exactly why I had to let her go and let her find her future with someone who can accept the way she is.. i know i can't. she's a good girl. and she made a mistake that i can forgive but cant forget. .. i just had to do something I believe is good and practical for both of us before its too late. besides, she doesn't seem to have any problems with her past that needs to be fixed. she's perfectly okay with her past. It's just that her past isn't 'compatible' with my values :)

melissa said...

i know how it feels

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