17 November 2006

need some therapy

ok, one sad incident just came in early in the morning. it already ruined my day and also my weekend . i've got to wait until monday to see what's wrong so that i can mend it.

need to release my tension. need retail therapy. even if it is only RM1, it is still satisfactory.

thanks sayang for listening even if it i for like 4 minutes. and you thought i was calling you to wake up some more. haha. "dah bangun dah" was what you said when you picked up the phone and i wasn't even concern about that cos najmi picked my call up earlier when you are in the bathroom.

thanks farez for calling as well though you are in kedah. such a sweet act of you though it is for like 3 minutes as you are in the office and i've got nothing much to say and you are busy.

retail therapy here i come!!!

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