09 November 2006

it's all done

today marks the end of semester 1 for me. i felt like i was in heaven after putting up nights completing one assignment after another. now, i'm just praying that i can pass every damn subject.

now, i have a freaking long holiday. i wonder what i will be doing. window shopping i guess since i don't have the money to shop what more holiday.

guess i'll be stuck with books. that also if i got books. i forgot to ask from jaz to loan me her books that she presented on in class. i got melissa's boy meets girl and adeline's the silence of the lamb. hope they're good.

1 comment:

irdzra said...

wahhh..over and done..or is it..done and over ? 1 is over eh ? good sure you'll pass all the god damn subject..

oi..i have been doin serious window shopping since june this year ok..hahaha..welcome to the club !! :D

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