26 November 2006

i spilt it out

i told him everything that i've ever felt. each and everything.

jealousy, thoughts, feelings, queries, etc.

twice in a week i did the almost similar thing. i almost cried. my bottom jaw was shaking when i tried hard not to let the tears out and he somehow saw it.

i did it again this morning in a message. he called me and said,

"dah tu, jangan nak fikir lagi. kalau ayang fikir lagi, nanti b buat
ouch! that hurts even more. that's my challenge. i've got to tell my brains to stop. i really need a break from all these things before i go crazy.

need to read more agama stuff. need to taubat. nak tebus dosa.

and it has to really start soon or maybe even now.


ZeMMs said...

"Nak tebus dosa"? Now that sparks some curiosities. What kind of dosa would a nice girl like u do.. :) (ps: that's not a question. more like a compliment)

melissa said...

haha. shhh, not going to tell you. =p

Irdzra said...

hey mel..i hope all is well with you now babe.. ;)

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