01 November 2006

i lost my phone

yes, as the title suggests. that's what happened.

i cannot recall where i lost it. i walked where i last placed my foot in campus. from my last class until the mamak.

i even went into the toilet to search the dustbins including the ones that is meant for sanitary pads, looked into the squat toilets, looked into my last class. but failed.

i tried calling. it was ringing but no one picked it up. mum tried and she said that someone cancelled her call. adlan says maybe my phone jut ran out of battery which could be since my battery's lifespan each day is very short.

the phone has sentimental value to me. though it is not any colour screen or camera phone. it is like my baby. oh ya, it also doesn't support infra red. the phone i'm talking about is my nokia 3610 given to me when i was 15.

the phone is the one that first connects me to kamil. our first call then and since then. the messages.

most of all, my keychains. one is of my name. one is my silver guitar pick and another 2 cute items by my sister who insisted that i put it there.

sad thing that everything is gone now.

guess, my life will be quiet for a while until i get a phone. will try to get the sim card replaced but it doesn't work without a phone too right.

so, i'll be free from calls. well, i am already free from calls.


Zalan said...

Beats losing half of your life *sob*

melissa said...

well, that was what happened when i sent my phone for repair once which took 2 months. i couldn't even last few days at that time. now few days is nothing. besides, i seem to have more time and less talking on the phone. haha

i rmb losing my IC to penang beach. haha..luckily it was the old one. so no forfeit charges. but it was a hassle.

She's Jess said...

I understand how you feel. I lost my phones a num of times. Got snatched and all..

And like you.. what I miss most is those msges... very sentimental

jarri said...

just. tou lost the phone but then u will win the phone from xfresh me,myself&i.

sorry for that.

melissa said...


thanks for your concern.
but the xfresh nye is camera and ipod nano.
xde phone..
sob sob
now kena jimat duit tu buy phone.

irdzra said...

mel mel sorry to know tat..loosing sentimental values punya thing.. least now you can get urself a new phone with infrared and camera.. ;p

NaSh said...

sory to know dat..
mesti u sedey giler biler ilang benda yg ada nilai sentimental camtu...

apa lg! cari 3G phone! haha

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