27 November 2006


that is what i am. 3 letter describes it all. F-A-T

and i'm only entering week 3 of my holiday which is going to last until end of february. i just found out it was end of february and NOT early february through the college's newspaper advertisement for new intake. what a long time to start semester 2.

darn, i cannot stay home that long! i get fat everytime holiday is around. and this is my FIRST longest holiday ever.

i'm so going to be a balloon. kamil is already screaming his head off when he met me after so long of not seeing each other. the first thing he said before saying hi was, "ish, ayang ni dah gemuk la."

dang! i know, i know. home is where the good food is. that's why. i'm not blaming it on my mom. i blame it on myself for loving my mom's cooking so much.


Nazri Pakia said...

kamil ..
stiil suka awk

ZeMMs said...

Wanna know an *unhealthy* way to lose fat easily? sleep late at night everyday.. preferably around 3-4AM.. do tv.. surf the net.. read books.. whatever.. and wake up near afternoon.. of course the healthy way is to exercise, but we all know its hard to keep up at it unless ur really discipline and determined.. as for me, i'm suffering from a problem of not being able to gain weight. still too skinny. maybe we oughta exchange tips on how we managed to be in a shape we currently in.. (i just did!) :P

melissa said...

zemms, i'm currently leading the unhealthy one. cos holiday. haha..
and mom's food is always tempting.
i don't eat when i'm in college because i'm bored of the food there. not much place to go as we are stuck in a square and after 1 month you would have tried everything there. what more i've been there for almost 3 years.

litium said...

like always. blame mom. hahahaha

melissa said...

la litium,
i don't blame my mom la.
i blame myself for having such a good cook as my mom. hehe

Irdzra said...

yea la..i dont see anywhere in her post shes blamming her mom litium..

mel..i know loosing weight is me..but am sure you'll be able can still eat those yummy home cooked food..jez gotta control the intake babe..

come..lets both of us go jogging together..want ah ? i need to maintain my weight too..ehehehe :P my bf been saying.."ur tummy are not as flat as when our first date nemore" ahahaha..wayark..

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