03 October 2006

vote for me!!!

everybody! i've submitted my picture. and now it is time for you to help me with some magic.

don't worry, i'll guide you through the steps.

step 1: go to xfresh- me, myself and i

step 2 : click the gallery (same website) and log in with your e-pass

step 3 : look for the picture below (with the username: melissa_w)

step 4 : click VOTE to cast your vote!

step 5 : put in your picture and join the run as well!!

the reason why i need your votes is:


the more reason to vote for me because i'm still stuck with an ancient handphone which doesn't even support infrared. yes, that bad. and the phone is this: (drum rolls)

so, since i doubted i can get a camera phone, a camera will just do the same. thus, HELP ME!!!

thanks a lot. i owe it to all of you!

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