05 October 2006

take care

the haze is getting worst each day. and god forbid, it has to happen during the fasting month. it makes me die of thirst. thank you haze for coming in october.

i'm already sick for 2 days now. flu and throat irritation that hurts until your chest. my voice has changed. no no. i don't have adam's apple. it's because of the irritation. i need so much energy to speak that when i when to purchase a reload card, though the sweet malay girl made me repeat what i mentioned, she added "kesiannya takde suara".

voice is getting husky. haha. that's what sis is saying. going to keep the voice to talk to kamil later. need to help him with his sim card replacement. ish, applying for the replacement on behalf of the third person needs an authorization letter. imagine me applying for my 14 year-old sister and she needs to write that letter! what a joke la.

oh well, so make sure all fo you take care of your health ok? i know it's the fasting month. i managed to get through today though my throat was screaming for water! downing litres of water right now as i type.

selamat berpuasa!! want to berbuka with me? hehe


She's Jess said...

take care and get well soon

TJ said...

Melissa!!!! TJ here. haha how's life over der? Hop u r doing fine... haha i drop by juz 2 say hi... hehe. take care k

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