01 October 2006


it's been a week since we entered the month of ramadhan and i've been diligently fasting. not that bad compared to last year. though last year i willingly wake up at 5am just for sahur. this time, uh-uh. i'm not that good.

out of 5 days, i only have 2 days of 8am classes, 1 at 11am and another at 10am, and not forgetting one off-day. so only 2 days i'll be up early at 5am while the rest i'll just drag myself out of the bed which includes saturday and sunday.

ya, i realised yesterday, i had sahur with my eyes shut on my bed. yes, it is true. i climbed down the stairs and saw the bread. i grabbed the bread and walked right back to my room. eat the bread while on the bed and falling asleep. i'm still amazed by what i did.

had fun berbuka at kamil's house yesterday. wore the shirt his mom gave me. she said i looked sweet. teehee. the whole family then found out that the shift i wore was given by her.

BAZAAR RAMADHAN. i know these two words is like the kitab to all my muslim friends right now everywhere. all scattered around. none close to me at all. haih, if you guys ever go to a bazaar, please take me along with you. i really want to go and see what is it like there. it is different looking at the pictures in the newspapers. please please please, take me with you ok? thank you!!


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