12 October 2006

ms word's magic

ms word is pissing me off!!

i double spaced my assignment and it did magic. no, it is not funny when you have to hand it in tomorrow. i redo and tried again. yes, the magic stays. my questions disappeared and reappeared. some goes to my answers (a paragraph or two). ish, tensionnye!

now i'm worried about my ddp assignment. no idea how to do it and what to do. i'm so dead. it's eating me. same goes for imc. but imc s*cks even more. i have to write a paper with at least 8 references. darn, it is 8 references. i hardly have enough for my pr assignment which needed 6 references. now 8!

rfp assignment also another one. why the lecturers like to give assignments all together at once. i don't have enough 24-hours to spare. i need 48-hours or more for a day. wait, if i request that means i have to fast longer. darn.

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