10 October 2006

maxis centre and its agents

dear maxis,

please STOP f*cking your customers around. make sure your agents and the centre conveys the same message. i've been travelling up and down because of it.

all i want is to apply for a replacement SIM card for a third party's behalf.

agent said i need an authorization letter. i DID ask if there is anything else that i would need. all she said was the letter.

i went back to her the following day with the letter which was sent by email. and she said she couldn't process because the prepaid wasn't registered. i woke kamil up from sleep and questioned him. he even received the message saying that his number is registered about 2-3 months back. darn agents. fine, she asked me to go to the centre.

i went to the centre today with hope that i'll get everything done so that i can send it be express pos. dang! another time bomb came, he said i need kamil's IC eventhough it is already stated on the letter. i was getting pissed already because of all the trouble i have to go through. so i told him, what the agent told me. he got the nerve and tell me this ," agent boleh cakap ape mereka mahu." i was so angry when he said that and i said to him, "how can you all get agents like them. buat menyusahkan orang aje sekarang ni." and i stormed out of the centre.

well, ya, they deserved it. authorized service agents konon. authorized means no need to follow rules is it? give me all the trouble. f*ck you all la.

i'm pissed.



mummooze said...

Last sat i pi reg ma hotlink no kt centre juga. Tp mykard i x valid, reader dia tabley baca. So, back to basic la, isi form although i mmg benci dat werk. N then dtg anotha person nk reg juga. Fortunately, mykad dia valid pulak! WTF? I tgk kad dia lg lama dr mine. Siap chip tu berkarat². Mine yg berkilat² baru ni x valid? Nampaknya terpaksa mengunjungi JPN sekali lg. Phew!

melissa said...

ade plak mykard tak valid. ni entah camne la jpn buat keje.

imagine kalo u tak gi register, selagi itu la u bawak mykard yg tak valid tu jejalan.

kang nnt check, ingatkan u clone mykard.

baik cepat gi buat yg baru
kalo mereka suruh u bayar, mmg nak kenanya la mereka tu

She's Jess said...

go complain to maxis...

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