09 October 2006

going bonkers

yup, as the title suggests, that's what i'm going to turn into soon enough.

my assignments are getting crazier towards the end. all lecturers decided to give all their last 2 assignments at once congesting my brain to remember what to do and when is the due date.

as of now, i'm only about to start on one out of four. that due this friday. sorry, the lecturers like to give a few days time for assignment. even if he/she gives you before hand, you'll be loaded with other assignments that you would be concentrating on more than the one due at a later date.

i'm already lacking sleep. need sleep

will be going to the maxis centre tomorrow. NOT the authorized agent anymore. hopefully, all things goes well. darn, it is so hard just to find a maxis centre but a digi centre is everywhere. even in cmc giant taman connaught there is a digi centre. and what not more kl sentral. right next to the air asia office.

pray hard melissa. that everything from your assignments to the centre will turn out fine. pray hard.

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