17 September 2006

malaysia day vs national day

national day is widely known to all malaysians which falls on the 31st august. but how many of you know of 16 september?

during the merdeka period, advertisements or advertorials in newspapers, flyers etc printed the words "happy 49th birthday malaysia". but is 31st august the actual birth date of malaysia?

in 1957, malaysia hasn't even existed. there is only malaya. and malaya achieve its independence on the 31st august hence hari merdeka /national day. i believe most of you would know how malaya achieve its independence. check the history books if you need. we didn't achieve it through war but through signing of agreement. sometimes i wonder if it deserves to be a joyous occasion when all that happened was just a signature or two on paper.

on 16 september 1963, malaya, singapore, sabah and sarawak joined together to form malaysia. however in 1965, singapore decided to pull out from being a part of malaysia. from here isn't 16 septemer the actual birth date of malaysia?

if so, why is it that natioal day is given so much more attention than malaysia day? i remembered reading a news in the newspaper stating that not many people know that malaysia day falls on the 16 september; which was yesterday.

don't you think malaysia day should also be given the same publicity? the only publicity i see is on utusan malaysia online where there is a banner greeting the readers saying "selamat menyambut hari malaysia 16 september"

read the star and you'll see that it says :

"sabah and sarawak should officially ask the cabinet to declare sept 16 - the day malaysia was formed - as a national public holiday."

"Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the request should be done properly and he was prepared to bring it up on behalf of the two states.

“I (Rais) know that there are those who will say Aug 31 is enough, but I must say that Sept 16 is as significant from a heritage point of view."

now, now, after so many years of celebrating the national day only people took notice of malaysia day. well, at least they are going to do something about it. which means an extra day of holiday!!! why didn't somebody thought of it earlier? we could be having holidays already by now

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