06 September 2006

hand or spoon?

living in malaysia and being brought up in a family that eats using spoon and fork or chopsticks at times, ever wonder if you'll ever use your hands?

i have eaten using my hand before in primary school when there were not enough spoons for all of us during recess. being a lefty, i obviously used my best hand - the left.

i later found it is wrong to use the left and practised with the right. mastered quite well actually. but then having eating at home most of the time, i never used my hand. my mom will definitely shakes her head.

until i met my boyfriend, do i actually have to use my hands again to eat when at his place.

eating with hands isn't that bad actually. it was nice. makes me eat better too. i actually get to feel my food. and always lick my fingers when i'm done. deeeellliiiicioussss!!!!!

i missed eating at his house with everyone seated at the floor. can't wait to go to his place. it's been a long while since i last visited.

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