07 September 2006

blog - my four-letter word

my contribution at merdeka blogger project 2006
the theme for the project this year is about my blogging experience.

The word blog is indeed my own four-letter word.

I started when I read about it in the newspapers. I later researched on it and it seems that blogging is not that bad after all. I gave it a try at first with Xanga. Its easy as I do not have to mingle abotu with the layout and things like that. I met a friend through Xanga who taught me a lot of things but has been on a long hiatus from the internet.

It should be the year 2002 when I started. Cannot really remember that well. I have been blog hopping since then. First with Xanga, then comes Blog-City, then Blogdrive, Diaryland, Pitas, and eventually with Blogger. On second thought, I might open a second blog with Wordpress.

2006 is my 4th year with Blogger. I myself could not believe that I have been blogging for so long. It is a personal blog about normal happenings. Now I blogged less about what I do for the day like the very first time I started. Will be opening a blog on the postcards I receive from a postcard exchange site soon.

I have learnt a lot through blogging. I improved on my English, my writing skills, organization of words, etc. I guess my second blog will be in Bahasa Melayu, that way I can improve as well. I actually matured a lot in my thinking by reading other blogs which eventually able to influence the way I write.

Blogging allows us to know other bloggers from other parts of the world. It allows us to exchange information on certain issues that I might not have even thought of. It is a good platform to learn, accept and understand.

Freedom as a blogger? Obviously, even if it is a personal blog, you want to still maintain professionalism through blogging. I believe that blogging is not a platform to condemn a person or a country. Blogging is suppose to promote a healthy relationship.

I guess my four-letter word will always be my faourite!


lucy said...

(quote)Freedom as a blogger? Obviously, even if it is a personal blog, you want to still maintain professionalism through blogging.(/quote)

So far, your blog is very professional from the writings skill.

I like it

melissa said...

thanks for the compliment.

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