22 September 2006


don't worry, i'm fine. yes, we (kamil and me) met with an accident without us in it. the car rolled down a few doors and hit the neighbours flower pot (which cost us rm70) and her side curb (the ones you see outside terrace houses for people to sit) which is going to cost us god-knows-what amount. the car's water pump burst (new one cost about rm390) and the front plat number gone (another amount).

i just do not understand how did the car rolled down when i was in the house and after about 30-40 minutes later i went out and the car was still in its same position. 20 minutes to the bank and the car just rolled. i still couldn't figure out why. i saw him pulling the hand brake but i just couldn't understand it.

it sucks so much. now looking for cement to just 'glue' back the side curb.

this is going to eat us about rm500 plus. and i need to get her curb done by monday.



She's Jess said...

That's weird but glad to hear that you guys are fine...

melissa said...

thanks so much.
luckily we only hit the curb but not the front gate or any walking human or a car. or else, lagi la masalah

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