26 August 2006


i'm upset.

won't be able to go to dataran in the morning to help out as planned. i'm being sent for another function elsewhere. well, a meeting actually. so someone else is going to dataran instead. sadness.

i always wanted to go since it is august. it has been years since i last had a proper celebration. remember those days in school, there will always be a celebration on the 30th august. i missed that. no more any of those in college. surprisingly, no patriotic songs aired on tv. i missed singing to it. friends think i am crazy for wanting to listen and sing those songs.

i won't be able to go to the ambang merdeka celebration too as my parents are very particular about me going out at night. what more, at this moment, i don't have any friends who are willing to go! i missed the morning marches. guess i will be catching it on tv. why must they shift the whole thing to putrajaya? dataran merdeka is the perfect spot! lrt makes everyone's life easier.

oh well, guess i will only be hearing from sinaganaga since he'll be there in the morning for the run. sorry, won't be able to see you and have breakfast with you as you said.

i'm so sad.....

1 comment:

sinaganaga said...

tak apa.... lain kali, kalau ada masa, kita bersarapan sama2 ya.

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