31 August 2006

my small thought in the star!!!

first of all, HAPPY MERDEKA!!!

my tiny thought came out in the star for their 49th national day speical pull out. they gave me a nice title which is what i never thought of as mine was way longer....

where to find the article?

go to the pull out and open to page SP36. find: SHARING FESTIVE COOKIES and my name MELISSA WONG.

if you can't find it, here's the exact piece.


Growing up in Malaysia is special. In a multi-racial country, you get to be an all-rounder in everything - culture, language, food and celebrations.

I love being in Malaysia. I love the mamak sessions with my friends where we talk about daily happenings in the country and try to understand one another's religion and also learn how to speak the other friend's language. It is hilarious when you just can't seem to get the pronunciation right and the sentence just ends up with a different meaning.

Who can forget our National Day? I have only been to the actual scene (Dataran Merdeka) twice because I had to march there on two occasions. It was an experince. Being in the audience and as a participant - the feeling is totally different!

I have had my fair share of Hari Raya open houses and I just cannot get enough of the rendang and the ketupat. As for Deepavali, I love the muruku! Every time after Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali, the class would be a riot as we talked about our holidays over cookies. How can you ever forget your lovely friends who brought containers of cookies to class to share with everyone?

Some might say, the education system is not as good as it seems. But I received the best education right here in Malaysia. Even after secondary school, my heart is still with Malaysia. Why? Malaysia has the best of everything. You can't find mamak food at 4am in Australia. You can't even find the best cook overseas - your mother. So, who wants to go overseas now?

I recently registered with a postcard exchanging site. I am surprised that some do not even know of Malaysia until they received my postcards of the Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, KLIA and Dataran Merdeka. When I was chatting online, a guy asked me if I was in my tree house. I found out that he thought Malaysians live on trees.

No matter what other people say, Malaysia is the best!

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