07 August 2006


i just reached college about 30mins earlier. came here early to do my assignment but ended up here in blogger. well, the assignment is to blog anyway. but NOT in my personal blog.

a guy in ktm smelled like my sometimes-horny rabbit. yucks!!! that guy must be horny from staring at the chest of the girl next to me. boy am i lucky i'm not wearing something fitting.

another one. if you notice the ktm doors, there's two signs on them. one is blue with an arrow while the other is a red no entry sign. a man was actually standing at the no entry sign. his height was just nice as his nose and his mouth was situated exactly at the sign. it seems to be telling the whole world on the other side who are waiting for the late train bound for port klang that his nose and mouth doesn't accept anything! not even air!

it was funny. and his eyes. haha, it suits so well. it made my morning smiling because i wasn't earlier, thanks to the swollen eyes.

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