10 August 2006

assignment & carelessness

it's over finally. it has been TWO weeks i have been up reading materials, summarizing and critisizing. It's crazy. now i get to rest for the weekend before it all stands again.

you wanna view my assignment? of course you are allowed, here goes the link to Melissa Critiques .

i think i need to stop blogging for a moment again. blogging for assignment is NOT as easy as it seems. they going through the same process as me and you'll find out why.

another thing happened - i LOST my file at college. stupid me. i've never place anything under the desk and on tuesday is the first time i did and that is the time i lost the file.

my notes, my course outline that explains in detail all the assignments til november and the letter that says i'm paying fees through installment is all inside. darn! too many things running in my mind because of this assignment that i actually forgot my file. and melissa never forgets anything.

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