30 July 2006


photography? WHY photography?

i do have interest in photography. i just get intimidated by pictures taken by others. i can never take such good pictures like them. i am only good in self-photography (in your terms - camwhoring)

the pictures i tried taking, didn't look any best on the computer. it looks like it was the best in the camera, but when it is up on the computer; uh-uh, you really want to delete it right away.

i envy photography magazines. i really DO.

i envy photographers who seems to have a circle among themselves to share their interest. tried to follow their forums, but i got lost in the middle. lenses? flashes? mine doesn't even support external lenses what more external flashes.

i'm going to have to try again. i'll see what i can do this friday for the orientation night. i'm hoping i get great pictures.

heck, i'm still not any good with shutter speeds. hehe


PoiSoN said...


What camera do you have?
Did you read some simple tutorials about right composition and stuff to get started from something?

a h m a d said...

The important thing is never to give up. Read about photography, look at interesting photos and go take some shots. Repeat this cycle and you will notice that your skills will start to improve. :)

melissa said...

Mine is a Sony Cybershot DSC-V3. I just gotten it. It is a second hand camera that my dad bought it and thought of giving it to me for a try.

Wait! It does support external flashes! Sorry, my mistake.

Ya, I do read. So far, I'm OK with macro cos I used it in my sister's Canon Powershot A520

Anonymous said...

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