17 July 2006

a night to remember

muacks to all who made it!!!

The night of 15th July 2006 marks the very first time we as ex-SABians gathered together after 3 years from high school graduation. To some, you might think that it is a total failure, but to me it was a blast.

It will definitely be a night to remember for all. The commitees will definitely remember this day. The hassle we have to go through to make it the night for everyone. At one point, we even thought of quitting. But knowing that if we do raise the white flag, both you and I looking forward for an occasion like this will be disappointed.

Without support from lots others who pulled out the very last minute and also those who made promises and never kept them, I personally would like to thank those present for blocking other appointments and making yourself available that night. Thanks for taking the time to come and also dress. I really love what each of you were wearing. Unfortunately, I think I missed out a lot of photo opportunities with you guys.

(not in order)

1. Yim Kah Mun
2. Kuek Chun Wah
3. Wong Kit Wan
4. Sze Seong Yee
5. Too Ling Ling
6. Asha Ganesan
7. Gianne Yap
8. Tan Xin Yee
9. Loshini Danappal
10. Chin Lai Ying
11. Wong Weng Loon
12. Gurleen Kaur
13. Yap Poh Mei
14. Clare Chhin
15. Sharanya Menon
16. Jacinth Tan
17. Mohd Adib
18. Mohd Zhariff
19. Ahmad Syuhada
20. Asyraf @ Acap
21. Yap Lai Yee

A hug for each of you. Sorry if I mispelt your name.

Felix, Fang, Choon Hoong, Liang Wen, PG. I salute each of you. Thanks for inviting me to join you in the working commitee.

Once again, thanks a bunch!!

Signing off
- Melissa -
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