10 July 2006

hail italy!

me being not a big fan of football as i have no idea how to watch a game. well, just blindly watch yes. but if you were to tell me defender, stricker, etc, i will have zero idea about it. except maybe if yo mentioned goal keeper - cos he's always there by the goal post.

i decided to watch the game between italy and france. knowing that it will be another 4 more years for this craze to return, i should give watching a game a chance. my mom and i did. both have zero idea of football. in excitement when the players tries to score. mom asked who would win. "i think italy is going to win this time." not knowing that usually for a person to say this phrase, he/she would have studied their statistics, their players, their history and whatever else under the sun.

and true enough italy won. the penalty shoot out was exciting. everyone anxiously waiting for the player to make that goal and hoping that the goalie could not save the goal. all praying hard for their favourite team to walk away with the title.

football isn't all that bad after all. i'll have enough time to learn everything about football before the next world cup comes around. but then, there are still other matches which will be coming up soon.

congrats italia!!!
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