24 July 2006

graduation ceremony

will not talk about classes yet as today is my first day.

let's talk about the graduation ceremony.

taylor's college graduation ceremony 2006 will be held ........ KUALA LUMPUR CONVENTION CENTRE on the 10 SEPTEMBER 2006 (SUNDAY) from 3.00PM to 6.00PM

students from 15 programmes will be gathered for this event.

the catch for the event is.....

every students attending have to pay a participation fee of RM250 ( i always thought graduation ceremonies are fully paid by the college. guess i'm wrong). ok, the amount is inclusive of the graduation robe, selected photography shots, tea reception and amission tickets into the graudation hall for 2 guests of your choice (which most probably be your parents)

ALSO..... additional guest[s] - if you want to bring your entire family. is RM100 per person.. madness...

ALSO... children below 12 years of age are NOT allowed into the hall. (pity them)

ok, fresh grads of taylor's college, if you are coming, go back to college and pay up at the accounts department, but before that if you have not gotten the form, you can get it from ms. bawani. replies must reach by 15 AUGUST 2006.

i look forward to know who's going.

keep in touch!!


esis said...

Congrattttt girl

Anonymous said...

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