05 June 2006

radio interview

date: 4th june 2006
venue : wisma radio, angkasapuri
time : 10am-11am (on air: 10.30am)

had the best morning of my life. though i screwed it up a little, it is still my best experience - which is entering the grounds of angkasapuri.

here are several pictures that were taken there.

the entrance of angkasapuri

megat ahmad is our dj for this morning. he's sitting in for another dj who is away to cover for sukma in kedah. and dharshini and vin nie is with me.

this is me just before we were to go on air. notice the traffic light coloured stick thingy. the colours has a meaning. green - about to go on air. yellow - standby to go on air. red - you are on air! he told us not to make a sound or cough when the red light is on. haha.

that's the three of us. vin nie's mom was there to help us capture this shot.

and if you are wondering, the channel that we went to is asyik fm. 102.5fm.

other societies will be coming in for interview as well. tune in to 102.5fm at 10.30am and you'll listen to various youths from different societies and organizations.

and i think i sounded bad on the radio. gagap.

when i reached home after the interview, mom told me that dad pumped up the volume of the radio and made the 3 children of my neighbour to sit and listen to it. ouch! they are just small kids. they won't understand!

i'm waiting for the recorded copy to be sent to hq. i can't wait to get hold of a copy. i wanna listen to it badly!!!


Manny said...

lol....sounds like it was quite a day..btw, yur a dj..?

melissa said...

well, i wasn't the dj. the three of us were being interviewed. about girl guides

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...

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