23 June 2006

not fit for buffet

today is the day i found out that i'm not fit for buffet. went to shogun with 3 other guys - taw jin, ming yew and ka weng. (yes i know, 3 guys, a girl and a japanese buffet restaurant) haha

we practically snapped up each and every sushi at the sushi bar, tempura, teppanyaki, oysters, scallop, dessert, etc.

sorry there will not be any pictures because the 3 decided that i should NOT take pictures. or else you'll be drooling over what we had had earlier. but then again, if i were to see it again, i'll throw up.

haha, one funny thing. my bra snapped. sh*t. it was front buckle so still can cover to buckle it back up. so after it snapped, was when the terror begins. each of us already felt that the food is not going down to our tummies. it was stuck at our chest. it means big trouble. my last was the ice cream. the green tea ice cream really made me throw up. luckily only the ice cream got out. not so much of other things. or else it would not be worth my money in some ways (rm48++ per person for the dinner)

oh well, proven i CANNOT attend any buffet function with such a wide spread like that. what a waste. my waistline is expanding. tomorrow i'm going to fast. =p

ok, i'm going to sleep in 10 minutes time. i know it is not good to sleep with a full stomach but i cannot help it. i've got to run the whole day tomorrow. 9.30am up to 5pm, i'll be teaching. rest a while and i'll have to head to kelvin's house for his farewell or tim's place for his 21st birthday?

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