21 June 2006

the new black

bangs is the new black. hehe

i've got bangs back again. only without that cleopatra haircut i had before way back when i was 14. just bangs.
the 10 minutes call made to sayang earlier really made the rest of my day. he suddenly put me on the phone with this girl, az who is iqbal's gf.
me : hello?
az : hello?
*paused for a few seconds*
me: siapa tu?
az : az la.
me : sorry. i know you are shy. i am also shy. first of all, why did he put us on the phone together?
az : entah lah dia tu. ok la, you cakap ngan kamil balik.
me : b!! why did you put her on the phone without telling me? i'm shy. she's also shy.
sayang : la, dua-dua perempuan pun nak malu.
me : kan i dah cakap tadi, tetiba suruh cakap kat phone memang takle nye.
sayang : la, bukannye ape. i nak dia cakap ngan ayang sbb i nak ayang tau i ade kawan perempuan kat sini. i kena bagitau bila i ade kawan perempuan.
i was surprised that he said that. he's so sweet. she's the friend's gf, but he wants me to know of her existence. he wants me to know that he made girl friends in uni. now i feel bad for not doing the same to him.
i'm guilty as charged.

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