25 June 2006

eating marathon

i just realised i was on an eating marathon since yesterday.

1. shogun, 1-utama (23 june)
2. kelvin kan's farewell (24 june)
3. tim's 22nd birthday which was actually on the 20th(24 june)

shogun's story is in the previous entry.

kelvin "hired" weng fai to fetch wei lee and me to his place. so by 8.00pm we were there. not many were there yet. we were early compared to the usual time. i had to choose between kelvin and tim. result? i chose kelvin cos he's leaving to nz next week.

until i saw yiyang. he's going to tim's place later. so, i hopped on the band wagon and followed him to tim's place at about 9.30pm.

we reached tim's place just in time for his birthday cake. take note!! secret recipe's chocolate indulgence is awesome. it is super yummy. trust me. i cannot stand it that i actually took a second helping.

since i had nasi lemak and rendang (that rendang was delicious) at kelvin's, not wanting to be rude by not having anything but just the cake at tim's. i spotted the bbq chicken wings which was quite hard to resist.

i took two of it. and it was sweet!!!! it is sweet. it is delicious as well. i told tim about it. it turns out it was something to do with the marinating sauce. wonder what is his recipe. oh well, being the kind guest, i told him to say thanks to whoever that cooked the chicken wings - cos it left me finger licking good!!!

i guess i have to end the marathon here or else i'll die of over eating. haha

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