19 June 2006

the day i turned 20

16th june - the day i turned 20.

nothing much happened. only a handful of my friends remembered my birthday. some of them are those that i last saw them back in 2003, some of them are internet friends, basically, the circle of friends that i'm very close me wasn't there. a handful is still a number and i'm glad they remembered.

thanks to each and everyone of you who took the effort to IM me, message me, SMS me, etc.

the 20th birthday was nothing. i was stuck at home with the TV and the four walls staring back at me. there was no birthday cake. no birthday song. it is a sad thing some of you might think. but then, when those you are really close with decided to shun away from you over something stupid, this is what happens. to me, i know who are my friends now.

no birthday pictures like every other person would be posting.

no pressies to show off to the world.

but it's ok. life still goes on.

oh well, i still suck at blogging.

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