03 June 2006

confirmed graduate

i am shocked!

yes, though i know i didn't do well this semester. my gpa dropped. my cgpa dropped. everything was down. except for my pants mind you.

i was happy though because i'm now a CONFIRMED DIPLOMA GRADUATE! weeheee....

told sayang about my results. and now he wants to know all my gpa from semester 1. he wants to aim more than me. though different course. but it sounded motivational. so, i'm going to do the same to him for me degree!!

had the graduation dinner yesterday, which has how i got to know my results. left at 10.45pm. there were only about 6 of us left at that time. they were all waiting for friends to pick them up to somewhere. as for me, i handed straight home. no where to party.

ya, i admit. i'm such a loser right? haha.


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