22 June 2006

back to school today

i was back in SAB for the second time this week. was back there yesterday for the girl guides and today for our gathering reasons.

my wonderful friends, liang wen and choon hoong forgot about the video camera. (we were supposed to "interview" the teachers about our batch for our gathering presentation). they were so lucky i brought my video camera. though it f*cks up a little because i barely use the video function as i'm always snapping not recording, but it does helps. *clap clap clap* thank you me for bringing a digital camera.

we only managed to get en. shabuddin. he's the chemistry teacher with lots of things to talk. you can never fall asleep in his class no matter how hard you try to. not because the class is bored but it is because if he catches you ALMOST doozing off, he'll keep picking on you by asking you questions. have to be 100% alert as he'll always be asking everyone a question. everyone has a chance. nice fella.

so after the school, went to times square hotel to settle the deposit for the ballroom. rm1000 coughed up by the 5 commitees. menu was ok. LOTS of dessert. haha. choon hoong is the one who chose the menu. i trust him. 3 of us were treated like big bosses there. mr james the sales manager showed us around. he even gave us his card. he was in a formal attire with blazer and the three of us were in shirt and jeans. the employees there must be wondering what the hell were we doing there.

i cannot wait for tomorrow!!! will be going to SHOGUN to eat our heart out!! ok, i know i'll be wasting money by going out to eat. but i have been stuck home for the past one month plus with no money or allowance of course because i'm NOT out of the house. since, taw jin suggested it, so we go with him. can consider as my birthday outing in a way since i didn't get one last week. so sweet of them to remember my existence. thanks taw jin and ming yew!!

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gianne said...

Gee, I haven't gone back to SAB in ages. Due to mad dyed hair b4 XD. Redyed it black though. Suppose to go there for smthg, but I can't recall what, lol.

Oh, and kudos on the efforts you guys put in!! It's not easy to cough up 1K either ^_^;;;. Will prolly come, though I have to pinjam duit from my mom XD. I'm working on the ticket design... hopefully it wont turn out ugly and if it is ... --> m(_ _)m.

Let's wish for this reunion to be a success ya

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