05 May 2006

what is ponstan?

i was crying in pain since ysterday night until i came back from college today. the pain hurt so much that i felt like slamming my head against the wall. as i was drying my hair after a cold bath, my head felt as if it is going to come out from my neck.

i made so much noises, i cried like i've never cried before. until sayang call. his advice, "suruh mummy beli ponstan kat farmasi. ingat tu."

i took a herbal drink (ho yan hor) but heck it was supposed to work like before but the pain was still there so i picked up the phone and called dad to get that said ponstan for me.

from the picture, the prescription (right pic) reads : "PONSTAN 500 mg. Each film coated tablet contains mefenamic acid 500mg. Dosage: As directed by physician."

the prescription on the plastic (the white one you get from your doctors) says that i am to take a tablet 3 time a day after meal. heck! and i thought one is just good enough to ease the pain.

wondering what is the function of ponstan, i yahoo-ed it.

click on the following to read a whole lot more about ponstan. it is not just a normal medication. it is so much more than that.

have fun learning. i had my share already.

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