26 May 2006

off to JB

i'll be off to JB at 2pm.

place : zon regency (by the sea) hotel . don't ask me why the hotel insist of having the word by the sea in it. apparently the hotel IS by the sea. that's why.

reason : leo forum (malaysia and singapore) and i'm in charge of registration where i have to start work at 7.30am tomorrow. thus the reason for leaving today. and i DON'T feel like going. but i have to. i've paid rm300 already. F*CK. everyone of us is forced to pay. reimbursed or not is another question.

the forum ends on monday afternoon. it's going to be a tiring weekend.

i can't see my sayang though he's back this week. darn!

plus point, daddy is going to KILL me when the phone bill comes. hehe... i'm going to be strangle to death. anybody wants to lend me a place to stay in the mean time? haha.

ok, off now. need to go and pack my shoes in the bag and i'm ready to go.


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