07 May 2006

my angel woke me

just as i was about to fall asleep. some random number dropped missed calls. not once but TWICE or THRICE. the number is 012 266 8162. if the number belongs to you or if you know the owner of this number, please let me know. thank you.

tim called at 6.45am. he told me he left all the things hanging at my gate. i unwillingly woke up to get all the things in the house as i was afraid it might rain. so i went back to sleep again.

an hour later, sayang called me. in my i-am-still-sleeping voice, i answered the phone.

me : wei..

sayang : wei, you just woke up or are you still sleeping?

me : half asleep and half awake.

sayang : camne boleh half asleep ngan half awake ni?

me : if i'm fully asleep, i won't be able to pick up your call and you won't be able to listen to me speak.

sayang : ye tak ye jugak ye. kalo ayang tido mati, sape nak angkat phone.

me : tau tak pe. (my eyes are still nicely shut)

sayang : what's the time now?

me : (was wondering why he was asking this and force my eyes to open and look at the clock) 7.40am.

sayang : 7.40 and you are still sleeping? ayang patut kena bangun dah lah.

me : buat ape nak bangun awal sangat? hari ni sunday la b.

sayang : bangun kemas-kemas rumah ke, ayang kena training tau. kalo tak nanti siapa nak kemas rumah kita? (that explains why he's always up at 7 something and later will be sleeping again)

me : tapi b, malam semalam lantai dah sapu, dah mop.

sayang : la, kalo gitu, semalam ayang mandi, ari ni tak yah mandi boleh tak?

me : mana boleh banding camtu.

... and we ended up talking until 8.15am before he had to put down the phone as someone was knocking on the door.

i continued my sleep until 11.30am, dropped him a message saying. "b, tgh bt pe tu skrg? ayg br bgn tido."

15 minutes later, after my bath and when i was starting to chew a bun, he called again.

me : wei..

sayang : wei, ayang tengah buat pe?

me : eating a bun. b tgh buat pe plak?

sayang : b baru je bangun tido (haha, see, i told you he'll go back to sleep). wait, you only eat A bun je? kenyang meh?

me : b, skrg dah nak masuk lunch la. makan kenyang sangat buat pe?

sayang : ye jugak ye.

rumah kita? did i listen to it correctly? oh well, it's not the first time he ask me to wake up early and clean the house on a sunday morning. this is probably the 4th time. the other times he called at about 9am. today is the earliest. but this is the first time he said rumah kita though. haha.


Cheneille said...


so sweet lah.

i'm so happy for you la mel. ur sayang really sounds like a great boyfriend.

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