02 May 2006

life is going to be tougher now

sayang is usually about a 15-minute ride from me. but now he's going to be more than that. about 2-3 hours plus or more i should say.

i'm proud of sayang. he is able to continue his education after the previous one gave him sh*t. though he didn't get the line (engineering) he already is in, i suppose business management (BM) wouldn't kill him that bad.

BM!! You better NOT torture my sayang.

sayang came earlier today. he spent a few hours with me. telling, reminding and advising me a number of things.

  1. "ayang kena study hard k? aktiviti lain tu semua biar dulu. jangan bagi b tau ayang gi time exam." (i'm going to be graduating so i can't do sh*t or i'll have to repeat which i do not want it to happen by all means)

  2. "ayang kena take care. sekarang ni, b dh tak dekat ngan ayang. batang berjuntai tu bukan lagi cam sentul. kalo call, blh datang. kat sana, nak travel pun susah. dari uni nak sampai town pun kena ambik 8 km."

  3. "ayang jangan nakal tau"

  4. .... and the list goes on.

i felt like i'm losing someone i loved to a war. it really hurts. now i know how it feels for those who have someone close as a soldier or anything equivalent.

some might say i'm too attached with sayang. but i can't help it when the least i see him is once a week. now, most probably it is going to be once every fortnight or maybe once a month! the number is freaking me out!!!

argh!! why is this happening to me? i've got to stop worrying because he told me not to worry so much. he knows that most of the time i'll end up in tears thinking of it. he doesn't want me to be upset. but it is hard to control emotions.

now, i have to study. somebody please help me at it. i'm not doing good at it. my exams is on the coming 16th and 17th. and now it is already the 2nd. time really flies fast. i have to rush.

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