10 April 2006


i always miss the first time before we got together.

that was the first under the rain walk i've ever had with anyone i really want to love. cupid was on my side that faithful day when he decided to make us together. what happened that day is vividly played in my mind like it just happened yesterday.

i want a rain walk with you.

at times i miss you so much that i couldn't help but to dial your number and drop you messages. at times, i have to tell my brain to stop. but at times it just got out of hand.

i love reading your messages over and over again just before i sleep. it just feels like you are right next to me.

i love how you speak to me though sometimes you are harsh but i know you are doing it for my own good. your voice is always in my head. at times, i talked to myself and i hear you answer. and you always answer to what i said.

you always know if there was something wrong with me just by listening to my voice. it is something that not many people can do. and you are the one out of that million. it is as though you read right through my heart through the phone surprisingly.

i count the days to see you. minutes, hours, days, weeks, sometimes months. i even count the hours to listen to your voice. not wanting you to think i'm such a fuss for calling everytime.
you always didn't want me to go to your place at times when i really wanted to see you because you didn't want me to bother my parens to drop me of at the lrt.

now that you are sick, i really want to be by your side. i didn't get to see you for the past month, now i couldn't listen t your voice because you couldn't speak. all i want is just to sit by your side and do nothing. i just want to sit next to you though you don't want me to.

i really miss you though i know i've disappointed you countless times. i don't want you to lose faith in me. you are the one i'm leaning on. if i lose you, i'll fall.

i really miss you lots. i love you lots.

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