14 February 2006

valentine's day

today is valentine's day. a day for love for everyone.

"what are you doing for valentine's?"

that was the question i have been bombarded with for the past few days and that is my same old answer to the question.

when asked why, this is my answer,

"i don't need a day of the year to show love. i use all 365 days. every day a
different thing. why need a day where things are 300% higher than their original
price which you might get for discounted rates during normal days. it's a waste
of money. the extra money could have been put into good use like your wedding
fund or something like that. "

i'm not against people who celebrate valentine's day. it is just my opinion. besides, who says valentine's is only for lovers/couples? it goes out to singles, friends, parents, family and even your pet!

don't have a 'other half'? no worries! pull off a bachelor/bachelorette party! or maybe, hold a yam cha session with your close friends or those who have no dates and enjoy yourselves, besides you save 400% (yam cha sessions la, dearie)


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