06 February 2006

update after 37 days

it has been 37 days since the clock struck 12 midnight marking 1st january 2006. everyone expect the best of it. no longer searching for 2005 or 2004.

armed with new year resolutions, everyone is ready for the war of 2006. well, everyone but me.

life hasn't been much good for the year of 2006. i didn't need 37 days to tell me that. i took 21 days to 100% know it and the 37 days is how long i took to tell you.

life is getting horrible. everything that i have from the years before are inching away from me bit by bit.

i wonder why this happen. i questioned myself, but failed to receive an answer. i guess it is just me because everyone else is having so much fun.

oh well,.

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