27 February 2006

4th industry-seminar 2006

date : 25th & 26th february 2006
time : 9am - 5.30pm
venue : universiti malaya
theme : a vision within : leadership discovered

day 1 (25th february)

registration from 8-10am. well, not the whole 2 hours. it is just that there were so many people thus the needed 2 hours. and it happened again. my name wasn't in the list and amy and adeline's got thrown into another workshop. crystal edge just screw things up for us. (i later found out that 2 other ppl in our workshop were not suppose to be there. now that explains amy and adeline's seats)

had 2 sessions of panelist (4 at one time) to talk about leadership. more to introducing of the company though. nazir tun razak was there as well. he's really funny. i'm serious.

we also had this session on power dressing for corporate. more of like a corporate fashion show with the do's and don'ts for corporate dressing.

the lunch was great surprisingly.

day 2 (26th february)

this is the day for our workshop. i registered for workshop 7 which is business writing. the trainer was mr guy perring from british council. (yeha, we went through al lthe profiles and synopsis of all the 15 workshops before deciding that this is the BEST one for us. the rest are just lousy to us because we learnt some of it in college)

there were 26 of us in that session. we have students (taylor's students are all in that same workshop. influenced by one another) and corporate people who are working in all lines (real estate agent, lecturer, counsellor, etc)

we learnt about modern business writing for letters, common malaysian mistakes in formal letters, a tinge of grammar, a little on report writing, etc.

i made 2 new friends though. both from KUKUM which is situated in perlis. sorry to say, they are both guys (shhh, no one opens his/her mouth and tell my bf about it ok?) i got to know both of them because we ended up in the same group twice despite having to shuffle 4 times. that's how we got to talk a little bit more compared to the others.

the same thing happened to me again after the workshop. they don't have my cert! it happened to me in my previous conference in johor (both name and cert is not available.) and now history repeats itself! ben said that it only happens to me. haha. and all certs are to be posted to me. haha. oh ya, even british council is giving us one. amy decided to use my address to have all the certs posted. so i'll be getting 5 certs (2 belongs to me) in my post box.

oh ya, lunch wasn't as great as the day before's.

anyway, i had a great time. learnt new things. and now unfortunately i'm sick. bloody sick. i didn't get enough sleep because on the first day right after the whole session, i had a meeting at 8pm. it went up to 12 midnight which includes makan session of course. so flu bug hit me and it stayed with me since last night. it sucks big time i tell you.

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