04 January 2006

wild sex

yucks!! that's not me!! i didn't have any wild sex by all means though i intend to after i get married.

wild sex is the name of a show on national geographic which i saw. well, it's NOT about humans having sex but it's about ANIMALS having sex!

uh huh, that's what i said. ANIMALS and their SEXLIFE!

i saw monkeys, lions, ostrich, hyena, wild dogs, sea lions, polar bears, moles, etc.

i even saw the monkey masturbating!! yikes!!

not to forget, the dolphin. it is homosexual as well. it seems that they are all ready to experience sex when they are 10 years old. but they don't be fathers until they are 25 years old. so in between those ages, they go for the same sex. they even go for eels, and turtles. it shows that not only humans have inter racial relationships, animals too have inter species relationship.

the best one that my mom and i saw on that show is the bats. you'll be wondering how they have sex while hanging on the tree.

i think, it's better to watch it yourself. now, who says national geographic is boring.

1 comment:

gianne said...

oh i saw the ads for that show, which is quite amusing in a way

did you know dolphins are the only animals that have sex for fun? but i think you prolly can guess it, judging by that paragraph lol

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