22 January 2006


time is eating me up!!

had the 3rd meeting of our project last week. need to speed things up so that sponsorship letters will be out right after cny.

moral education. freaky!! being the unfortunate 2nd group. our presentation is right after cny. where on earth do we have enough time to do research, interviews, or whatsoever that we think is relevant for the presentation. and it eats up 30%. argh!!

i am left with not so much time with leo. i'm dissappointed with myself. i can't believe myself. melissa = no time? never in her history. but it is here to stay now.

i'm booked for 2 weekend in february. on the18th will be the bengkel kepimpinan rakan muda (something like that) and on the 25th & 26th will be the industry seminar in UM. all the three days are full days. which means from 8am - 6pm. i'm going to be so drained.

cny is inching nearer. but the mood is not with me anyhow. i don't know why. my mind is filled with things to do.

after cny, please remind me to renew my license. i am afraid that i might forgot about it. i don't want to have to endure sitting for those exams again. NO WAY!

ok, got to sleep. class only from 8am - 10am. and i have to leave house at 6.30am just because of it. darn!

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