19 January 2006

semester 7

classes started fine so far. only 3 subjects for the term.

1. intro to economics
i failed badly to understand what the lecturer is trying to tell

2. project
a project is given depending on which major you are in. journalism is doing an on-line journal, the advertising students get to do promotional planning where they have done previously and we pr students get to do a social campaign. our campaign will be on conserving rainforest. will update with further information.

so, we have to come up with proposals, sponsorship letters, events, talks, exhibition and everything that we think is needed.

3. moral education / islamic education
since i'm not a muslim, i'll have to take moral education. one might think it is what we have been studying for the past 11 years. but hell no! it is not anything of it. no more memorizing moral values. it is more about like the introduction of moral values. how to differenciate the values and stuff like that.

assignment topics were weird, easy topics just like a BM essay. my partner and i got the topic on chinese tradition. here is where i am to find out chinese tradition that i find not in par with moral values. i have to explain and give solutions to curb it. other classmates got funky ones. on the handphone and school, bribe, education system of malaysia, technology, etc which is indeed so much of any BM essay.

worst come to worst, the whole lecture is in BM. everything is in BM. i'm not saying that it is not of any good. i'm ok with BM. i just need to brush up on it.

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