12 January 2006

money and time

i started classes today. and at last i managed to get dr patrick to approve my request to settle this semester's fee through installment. dr patrick is the temporary programme director for mass comm besides having his own post as well.

i supposed dr patrick has been with the college for a very long time. he must be the senior staff there because he has the thinking of the typical chinese! money minded. can't you help your own race?

he approved my request all right but without any consideration. heartless! actual due date is 9th jan. but we are always given 2 weeks extra to settle everything. who wants to come on the 9th of jan when classes only starts on the 12th?

and guess how i am to settle my fee? 2 payments of course.

1st payment on the 16th jan. everyone has the grace of 2 weeks. i only have 3 days.

2nd payment on the 6th february. who has the money to pay fee right after chinese new year. my parents are already broke would be even broke during cny giving out ang pows. on the other hand, the amount from the collected angpows are not much a difference. so i would have to collect angpows for 10 years to be able to pay for 2nd payment. i'm serious. not joking!

his reason for giving me such dates

"have to settle early."

i so miss the way dr selva handles my request. she gives me time from one payment to another. at least 1 month. her reason for doing so.

"your dad would be able to allocate some money to pay your fees when his salary

she's one nice lady though the degree students and some diploma students are not so fond of her. but at least she has a kind heart for students with problems like me.

unlike dr patrick. i know. i know. i shouldn't complain. but i think he needs some pr in order to keep the students. by being so harsh, i believe they would leave.

so, in all, i only have one month to settle my fees. where am i going to get all the money? rob the bank? steal from others? break into a house? kidnap?

thanks dr patrick for making my life more miserable than it was before.

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