19 December 2005

i'm back!

it has been like weeks since i last dropped by here . life has been busy. really busy. and now, practical is almost coming to an end. i wonder if i can get used to studying bak again. taylor's should put practical training as the last semester instead. hehe.

oh yeah, there'll be a christmas celebration in the office tomorrow. we interns are to do the carolling. there'll also be exchanging of gifts. i think it should be fun.

btw, IPRM is having a dinner celebration to mark the end of the year at concorde hotel on the 23rd december which is this friday. interested to join us? student price :RM65. the theme has got something to do with the malaysian beat. if not mistaken, i think it is groove to the malaysian beat or something like that. call if you are interested.

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