02 November 2005

sembilu 2005 in sab

i managed to catch the "behind the scenes of sembilu 2005" at 12 midnight. and it was practically around SAB grounds!! my alma mater!! yes, my sister did mention to me when they did the shooting but she wasn't sure which show was it last year. now that i actually know it is SEMBILU 2005!!

imagine having vince, juliana banos, erra fazira, ziana zain, khai, etc running on your school grounds. such a waste i left just before they did the shooting. such a waste.
but i am proud that they did it in SAB! having to see them in uniforms inclusive of the name tag, the badge, the tie, the files, etc was something. i could even see the shape of the badge and the colours on the posters!! if only i've known it earlier, i would have stolen the poster and put it in my room.

gosh, i really miss my school. having to see the "behind the scenes" really make me emotional a little. i get to see my classroom which is next to the boys' toilet. there is one scene where they were arguing behind the boys' toilet. well, there's a garden there. the astaka, the corridor, the labs, i just miss SAB!

if i'm in the cinema watching this movie, i'll definitely stand up at the end of the movie and say " SAB rocks! i'm proud to be a SABian!" i wonder if any SABians will follow suit. hehe...

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